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Wired vs wireless boom

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3 jaren 4 weken geleden #11 door Martijn Scholte
Ken strain on wireless vs wired boom

“I'm working with an Oscar nominated sound mixer (Tom Varga) on my second feature with him (Woman in the Window, and Clifford). We use Sound Devices MM1 powering various mics and Lectro SMQ transmitter. It sounds great. Honestly. He sets the level to 6 on the transmitter and tells me when to raise or lower the gain on the MM-1. We keep a 100 foot XLR on standby for use when the scene has very high dynamics, like whispers and yells. My other mixer, Von Varga, uses a Deneke power supply and Lectro SM transmitter, and he's been nominated for 3 Emmys and won twice for House MD. In all my years of working with wireless set-ups, I've never been asked by post to use a hard line. In fact, I challenge anyone to pick out from a finished program whether the boomed scenes were on a hard line or wireless. My friend Ben Wilkins won the Oscar for Whiplash. He's never noticed a difference. Of course, when we plug in a mic on a cable, we will notice a difference, but in the course of a shoot, it doesn't matter. What does matter, is how your boom operator works on the floor with cable versus a boom. A cable is high maintenance and takes work and attentiveness to maintain an interference free path. It also takes time to change if the original route doesn't work. What is my point? The amount of work and extra labor involved with running a hard line all of the time, does not make enough of a difference to be worth it. But being able to have the flexibility and freedom of always being wireless boom, IS totally worth the slight sacrifice in fidelity. In fact, it leads to better sound. Why? Well, I always have the freedom to switch to another position from take to take. It doesn't have to be a complicated walk n talk, it can be a normal setup that ends up requiring that I switch sides. And I'll do that instantly, without costing the company one single second of time. Not only that, it makes it easier for me to wander around the set looking for problem noises. Every time I work for someone who uses a cable for EVERYTHING, it feels primitive and backwards. Sure, me and the mixer can hear a little more fidelity. Nobody else on this whole planet will notice. But if I need five minutes to re-route on take 2, 50 people will notice. You want to know what really makes a difference? A good boom operator who can get a mic overhead when so many people give up and use wires. That trumps a cable, any day.”

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I think good tools are important, but i also believe it is the archer and not the arrows that make the the difference.
On time, optimistic, done it before, but most important i enjoy it!
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